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Joanne Lee Photography

Joanne Ho-Young Lee, the owner of Joanne Lee Photography (California), is an award-winning photojournalist who worked for more than 12 years as staff photographer at the Hartford Courant and the San Jose Mercury News, pioneering publications in photography, design, and multimedia. Her photos also have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, National Geographic Kids, and other national publications.

In images by famed photographers Annie Leibovitz or Mary Ellen Mark, you see a person's inner soul and spirit unveiled. Photojournalist Joanne Ho-Young Lee, who worked for both those icons, captures a similar authenticity and realism in her documentary wedding photography and lifestyle portraiture.

Her boutique photography studio brings together her passions for weddings, travel, romance, visual storytelling, and beautiful images. Her portraits are at once natural yet stylized to reveal real emotions, real moments. She encourages her subjects to be themselves, and in so doing, brings out the very best in them. Bringing happiness to her clients with her photography is her studio's foremost mission and goal.

Joanne is based out of Silicon Valley (San Jose), California, and New York City, but she travels the world for work and pleasure.
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